Hi, we're Databetes.

We help patients self-manage their diabetes.


Spot trends in your diabetes data with simple weekly summaries

  • "How am I doing?"

    Recap delivers lightweight reports on your blood sugar and related readings. It's an easy way to keep perspective on your diabetes control in between checkups with your doctor.

  • No action required

    There's no manual data logging with Recap. All readings are imported through Apple Health in the background.

  • Personalization & Auto-delivery

    Recap offers a variety of reports. Choose the ones you want, turn off the ones you don't. Every Sunday, you'll receive your Recap for the previous week's readings.

Meal Memory

See how the foods you eat affect your blood sugar

  • Food-focused

    Meal Memory is an easy-to-use food logging app that also records the corresponding blood sugar readings. Use information from your past meals to more accurately manage those same foods in the future.

  • Photographic memory

    Recording a meal starts with a photo. Add a carb count and a pre-meal blood sugar in seconds. Two hours later, we’ll ask you for a post-meal blood sugar to help you understand that meal’s effect.

  • Apple Health integration

    Meal Memory can auto-sync with glucose monitors such as Dexcom CGMs, eliminating the need to manually add blood sugar readings. Once activated, hours of data will link to your meal entries effortlessly in the background.